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Further details of therapies on offer…

  • Relax and Restore session – a mental massage leaving you feeling great!

  • Weight management- packages for the long and short term bespoke to your needs

  • Stopping smoking- a detailed package designed to have great impact on established habits

  • Exam nerves and performance- your opportunity to take back calm control and do your best

  • Enhancing interview and work performance – preparation and creative visualisation 

  • Phobia control from creepy crawlies to fear of flying. Working on fears you wish to control.

  • Restricting habits- setting you free to be you instead of limited by unwanted behaviour patterns

  • Insomnia and poor sleeping patterns

  • IBS and dietary related stress 

  • Life change support for life changing moments including new parents, relationships and bereavement

  • Increased self-confidence. 


What can you expect?

Our therapy journey will be a fascinating and rewarding one.  While expecting my clients to play an active role in their therapy I also support and motivate them in between sessions by text and email if part of our agreed therapy plan. My company is called Claritas Therapy because the aim is to help clients think more clearly about their personal challenges and help them find a clear pathway to achieve them.

Following an initial detailed consultation each session will include an empowering relaxation specifically personalised for you as part of your bespoke therapy plan. Hypnotherapy, NLP, reflection and motivational techniques will be used with good humour, professional courtesy, kindness  and confidentiality to help you to achieve your goals.

You will learn new skills and look at your problems in a fresh perspective. Clear thinking and a clear way forward.

Browse the pages below to view the services on offer and to book your free initial consultation.


Is this what you’re looking for?

Do you want someone to listen to you? To help you? To work with you for lasting positive change in your life? Are you ready to challenge yourself? To be the best you can be for yourself? For your family? For your social life? For your professional development?

If you can say yes to any of the above then why not come and see me to make the best decision that could change your life? Sort out those issues so you are in control!

For more information please visit our FAQ’s

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