Stress and Anxiety

Are you ready to take control of the stress and anxiety that may be dominating your life?


In 2018 Isabella Goldie, director of the Mental Health Foundation thinktank, said: “Millions of us around the UK are experiencing high levels of stress and it is damaging our health.”* 

Men, women, young adults and children can all be affected by stress and anxiety at any time in their lives. By learning about stress and anxiety and its potential impact on mental and physical health you can grow in confidence.  My NHS family background has also given me a keen understanding of the challenges faced by medical professionals and those working for the NHS. 

As a Mental Health First Aider I will look with you at the causes and concerns raised by stress and anxiety and together we will work towards practical ways of helping you to manage stress and worry so that you calmly and consciously take control using clear thinking and effective strategies.

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“Christine employed a relaxation hypnosis on me at a time of high pressure and stress at work which had been impacting my sleep and general well-being. Her calm, friendly yet professional demeanor inspired trust in her ability to help me relax. She is sensitive and kind, which allowed me quickly to settle into a meditative state. It felt amazing to focus on myself at the end of a long day at work. Christine's calming voice guided me into a relaxing hypnosis. She found the right words to trigger a sense of floating which just spread throughout my whole being. I felt deeply relaxed and worry free for the first time in a long while”.

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