“Can you sort out a problem that I have had for a long time?”

I will work with you in a professional and dynamic therapy process of listening, identifying and then agreeing with you a strategy for your problem. We will work together on this and our expectation is success.

“How can you do it and is it complicated?”

I have had a lot of success with treating a variety of conditions. The process is both straightforward and complex depending on how your subconscious reacts. Each client is different but so is each therapy treatment that is designed for their needs.

“What steps will this involve?”

We will gather information for assessment, agree on the use of hypnotherapy and other therapies for the treatment and then act to deal with the problem in a safe and controlled way. 

“What do I have to do to as a client?”

Be honest and play your part fully. accept that there is no failure only feedback and results vary for each client.

“Will I lose control?”

You will be aware of what happens in trance so do not worry as your Critical Faculty will keep you safe.

“How will I know if the therapy works?”

Sometimes the results are immediate. Sometimes this takes longer. Every client is unique.

“What do you mean by anchors?”

A way of fixing outward symbols and actions to inward meaning. An anchor helps to fix ideas and feelings and is a powerful way of allowing you to be in control. This is just one strategy you may learn to help you in therapy.

“What guarantee can you give me that my money won’t be wasted?”

The decision you take to continue with therapy or not is your choice.  There are no guarantees in hypnotherapy but nor is there failure- only feedback. If you really want the therapy to work and you are fully committed then you are already on the path to success and achieving your goals. Hypnotherapy requires effort from the client as well as the therapist for success to happen.

“Have you evidence of success?”

Yes, please check out the testimonials listed on my treatment pages!