Relax and Restore

Are you too busy to take a break or do you long for time just to rewind and restore your sense of perspective and control over your life?


Often the best time to relax, restore and recharge is when you feel you don’t have time to take a break! This session can be a one off deep relaxation, a gift package or a book and return series of visits. Available as an ideal gift package for yourself or someone you care about, the therapy is matched closely to each client’s needs. Sitting back and relaxing often gives us the clarity and perspective we need in our busy lives.

 So is it time to enjoy and treat yourself or others to a deeply relaxing experience? Why not take the step to push the pause on a busy lifestyle and experience the difference?

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“I highly recommend Christine. She has helped me so very much. My husband passed away unexpectedly a year ago. Christine has helped with establishing my self confidence. Gave me the tools to deal with my loss,sadness, loneliness etc.   She has taught me  fabulous techniques for relaxation and meditation. I am in a far better place than I was when I first met Christine. I am so very grateful to her. She is the best”.