My therapy sessions are effective and have made positive and lasting changes for many satisfied clients. One key to my success is the positive, professional relationship with my clients of all ages using the therapy best suited to their needs. As I also speak French and Spanish I can provide therapy in these languages for maximum impact with clients using their mother tongue.


“Christine me ayudó a serenar mis pensamientos y confiar en mi capacidad. Estaré eternamente agradecida”.

“Christine helped me to calm my thoughts and to trust in my ability. I am eternally grateful”.

“J’avais beaucoup de soucis et je ne pouvais pas dormir car le stress me bouleversait. Christine m’a aidé énormément et maintenant je peux m’endormir plus facilement et je me sens beaucoup mieux. Merci beaucoup”.

“I had lots of worries and I could not sleep because stress was overwhelming me. Christine helped a huge amount and now I can sleep more easily and I feel much better. Thanks very much”.

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