“Where there is a will there is a way”. How badly do you want to manage your weight and be in control of eating well healthily?

Change begins with you and can continue with support and motivation to achieve your goal!

With weight management your goal is identified realistically and matched to your needs. An agreed schedule is set as we work together. Our aim is to achieve a clear and conscious bespoke approach to supporting you to manage your ideal healthy weight using a range of techniques. In addition you will receive support between scheduled appointments as agreed when your programme is designed. Each client will also receive an information pack and learn strategies to support their progress as they take responsibility for their weight management.

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“I was excited to work with Christine, focusing on weight loss, after my mum had worked with Christine and had had such incredible results. I had four sessions with Christine and I can honestly say my whole relationship with food and alcohol has shifted.  I was a very emotional eater and drinker. I would turn to both for everything from joy to deep sadness. I no longer do that and I’m slowly but steadily losing weight. Not only that but I take much better care of myself. I once really didn’t care about myself. Now I truly love myself. Life is much more grounded, calmer and happier now. I have Christine to thank for that. I more than highly recommend working with Christine for Hypnotherapy.”

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