Stopping Smoking


Information about smoking is not news to you but you cannot break the habit. True or false? Have you tried to give up smoking but found it is just too hard? Does the least little thing set you back? Sound familiar? Even though you know that smoking is harming your health you cannot stop smoking but do you really want to do so?  Do you know the advantages of stopping and yet you find it so very hard? If the answer is YES to some or all of these questions then hypnotherapy could be your answer.  Contact us to find out more. It could be the solution you have been looking for!

P.S. Did you know that smoking can adversely affect your family, your pets, your memory and of course your finances?

β€œThe therapy I received was very relaxing and beneficial. If I had the opportunity I would surely have more sessions with Christine to get the full benefits. I believe that she will be able to use her skills and her warm personality to help many people!”

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